Beware of Neighbors Bearing Plants!

Claudia, our neighbor to the west, hailed Mary over the fence. You may remember the TV show, “Home Improvement”, where Tim Allen would talk to his neighbor, Wilson, through the fence. You couldn’t see his face but he and Tim would hold life-solving conversations. Anyway, our fence is kind of like that.

The usual conversation over the fence goes like this:

Claudia: You know the house for sale down the street?

Mary: The one where the guy is always peeking over the fence?

Claudia: Yes. Guess what they’re asking?

Mary: A billion six?

Claudia: More.

Mary: Three trillion?

Claudia: More.

Today’s conversation, however, involved me which is never a good sign.

Claudia to Mary, “I’m getting ready to take this old rose out, would you be interested?”   “I know you and Brian love roses and I hate to just throw it away.”

Mary, “Let me ask Brian. That was such a great rose I hate to see it go.”

My run-for-the-hills instinct should have kicked in but I replied to Mary’s query with “Sure, let me see if I can find a home for it.”

We had a rose croak in a corner and had never replaced it because it’s in a difficult place to dig and work so, of course, I thought; perfect location. I dug out the dead rose and remembered why I didn’t like working here plus there was an old cement block that had been buried that needed to come out as well.

Ok, that hole has been dug, now let’s go get the other rose from Claudia. She had started to dig the rose bush out but I could see this was going to be one of those jobs that you think will take 10 minutes but takes 90 minutes. I commandeered the shovel and went to work. This was one stubborn rose, clinging to the dirt for its life, it didn’t want to budge. I was right, a good hour later I finally broke it loose. It was easily twice as big as the hole I had dug for it.

Get the wheelbarrow and lug the rose back to our backyard. Dig out the cement block which required a sledge hammer to break up, increase the hole to the size of a small crater, drag the rose bush to the hole, push it in and cover with dirt and compost.

I see people heading to the gym for a workout and think you really should try gardening! Not only do you get a good workout but you get something to show for it. Vegetables to harvest, roses for a bouquet, fruit to enjoy, herbs for cooking, limes for your margarita!

The rose may not make it, and both of us will be sore in the morning but hopefully we found a new home for another vagrant plant. A triumph of for hole-in-the fence negotiations.

Dragonfly small

Mary and Brian are backyard gardeners who like to share their passion for all things gardening. 

Visit them at TheBackyardGardeners.

Our first garden book. “Backyard Garden Basics” is now available at Amazon! Click this link to check it out!

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