St Louis Spring More Dramatic Than So Cal!

We’re visiting our lovely and talented daughter in St Louis and spring is busting out all over. The seasonal change is very subtle in our gardens in So Cal but not in the Midwest. Tulips, crocus, daffodils have shaken off the snow and are reaching for the warmth of the sun. The trees and bushes are massive displays of pinks, whites and yellows.

Tulips in St Lou
Tulips in St Lou

The plants aren’t the only living things enjoying the sun. The bright white legs of many of the inhabitants provide a startling contrast with the new green grass. It seems that everyone is happy to be done with the long dreary winter. St Louis has many wonderful parks and, like lizards in the garden, people are stretched out in the sun soaking up all the rays and vitamin D they can take in.

Seasonal depression, which was overwhelming about a month ago, now gives away to optimism and even a few smiles. Bike riders and joggers are everywhere. Everyone is in a good mood!

We took a drive to Indianapolis, listening to George Jones barely get by, and passed vast fields waiting to be plowed, planted and produce this year’s crops. Being just a backyard gardener, it’s hard to imagine the scale of operation that these farmers must contend with. The changing weather, an occasional tornado, the timing involved in planting and harvesting, the equipment and on and on. Makes our struggles with growing vegetables in our backyard garden pale by comparison. Still, we roll up our sleeves, work extra hard and hope for our harvest to come in.

Mary and Brian are backyard gardeners who like to share their passion for all things gardening.

Visit them at The Backyard Gardeners.

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