What is a Backyard Garden?

What is a backyard garden?

A backyard garden can be any garden. It can be a few planted pots on the patio, it can be a corner of the2015-03-16 14.37.49 yard, it can even be the front yard. A backyard garden is your own personal plot of land. It’s your palette to paint with rocks and bricks, vegetables and flowers. It’s said that the sculptor Michelangelo could look at a block of marble and see the form held inside.

A backyard garden is your opportunity to change your outdoor space and transform it into something that works for you. Every new gardener has a different reason for getting started.

Some gardeners enjoy the challenge of growing their own food, some want to save money on groceries, some want a more nutritious meal, some cooks have discovered that fresh food just tastes better. Parents like their children to be involved and see where food comes from. And some garden to create a special, beautiful space to retreat to.

Gardeners still desire beautiful gardens, but now we must be more aware of conserving water. Drought tolerant gardens can incorporate wonderfully colorful plantings, interesting arrangements, be sustainable and be water wise.

Mary and Brian are backyard gardeners who like to share their passion for all things gardening. 

Visit them at TheBackyardGardeners.

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