What Happened to the Rose?

Has the rose lost it’s place in the garden?

What happened to the rose …the Queen of the garden? Has she fallen out of favor? Because of her great beauty is she thought of as too difficult, like a spoiled actress? Is this a thorny issue?


A few years back we would go to the nursery in February and see bare root roses everywhere. Row upon row of roses.There were new varieties, disease resistant varieties, varieties for every spot in your garden. Hybrid tea, Floribunda, Miniature, old English, new English, Polyanthas, Grandiflora’s for God’s sake.

I’m a bit of a rose snob I must admit. We have a lot of roses and I find them to be the perfect companion to just about any plant or garden. We have them in succulent gardens as well as vegetable gardens.

Here are few reasons I think the rose should be in every garden:

It wants to please you. The rose will continue to bloom all year round. Especially where we live in SoCal. Give it a good hard pruning in January or February and it will bloom in about 9 weeks. Prune again and it will bloom again in 9 weeks. Repeat. Repeat.

It’s drought tolerant. No, not like a cactus but a rose can be trained to get by on little water. I set up a drip system that waters our roses for 5 minutes every other day. I’d say about 95% of the time that works great. There are a few days a year when the heat is too much and I may have to give them an extra drink.

Fairly low maintenance. I won’t insult you by saying roses are maintenance free. Like the difficult actor they require attention. Most of your plants like to be fed on a regular basis and the rose is no exception. I use a systemic fertilizer several times during the year to keep the bugs at bay.  Along the coast we have a lot of moisture in the air so the roses will occasionally get mildew. I’ll spray with an oil spray several times a year. I’m always looking for alternative ways to keep roses healthy without the use of chemicals.

So I say bring back the rose to it’s rightful place of prominence in the garden! There’s nothing better than a big bouquet of roses from your own garden!

Mary and Brian are backyard gardeners who like to share their passion for all things gardening.

Visit them at TheBackyardGardeners.

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